Kids Mini Booth

Kids Mini Booth

Three Photo Booth Themes for Kids Parties

Are you wondering what special to do for your kid's upcoming birthday party? How about hiring a photo booth so your kid and his/her friends have tons of fun at the party? You should consider the idea of a photo booth hire, Sydney because it will not just make the party interesting, but also serve as an icebreaker! Now that you have decided to go for a photo booth hire, Sydney, here are some fun themes for your kid's party.

Princess theme

If your little one is fascinated by fairy tales, princess theme will be an ideal pick for the photo booth. You will need a few pictures of popular princesses, princess jewellery and costumes, a lot of pinks and a tiara, of course!

Superhero theme

If your kid runs all around the house posing to be Batman or Superman, there may be no better photo booth theme than the superhero one. You don't need many supplies either – just a few capes, masks and the right pose!

Any Disney/cartoon theme

Kids love cartoons and animation films. So if your child has a favourite Disney or cartoon character, you can base the photo booth theme around the same. It can be anything – Elsa from Frozen, Spongebob Squarepants, Pokemon to Mickey Mouse and his gang.

Other popular themes for kiddie parties include pirate, circus and safaris.

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