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Retro Booth for 70's Themed Parties

 Platinum Snap photo booth hire
Retro Booth

Photo Booth Props for 70s Themed Parties

The 70's were a fun time. They were more of a 'coming-of-age' phase where people were ready to experiment with the road less taken and were rebellious. It was the 'disco era', so wouldn’t you want to go back to the glorious 70s and experience it? No, you don't need a time machine to do it, all you need is a photo booth hire, Sydney. Here are a few props you can use to add that 70s feel to the party:

Disco ball

Your 70s party won't get started unless you have a rotating disco ball up there.

70s costumes

It's time to take out all those flashy, colourful clothes. It's all about being loud and flamboyant. So get into some tight-fitting monochromatic costumes. Don't forget those platform shoes, they are a must! Glasses with huge frames will also lend a 70's feel. Women can also sport headbands and hair accessories to look like a diva straight from the 70s.

Disco caps

Get a few disco caps for your guests. You can also add in some Afro hair wigs to make the party even more happening!

Other popular props for 70s theme party include signs reading ' Disco Fever' or any poster related to the 70s culture, handle bar moustaches and some colourful foil fringe curtains. That's all, get the party started!

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