Selfie the Modern Family Photo

Selfie the Modern Family Photo


Combining Selfies and Photo Booths For Twice The Fun

There is no 'perfect' time for selfies – you can take them when you are hanging out with your friends or even when you have just woken up. Now there are selfie sticks available as well to get the 'bigger picture' and share it with your friends. However, how does the idea of combining a selfie and a photo booth sound to you? Interesting, right?

There are several advantages of opting for a photo booth hire, Sydney. Photo booth pictures may not exactly be selfies, as you don't click the picture yourself, but they are much better. Instead of clicking the picture yourself, you just operate the photo booth and get your picture clicked. It feels just like getting a selfie as you can see yourself on the photo booth screen, the only difference lies in the function. You can also avail these pictures almost immediately and some photo booths also offer the option of sharing pictures on social media. That is as good as taking a selfie and uploading it on Twitter or Facebook! Another advantage is that pictures captured in a photo booth are much professional-looking, unlike selfies which may appear shaky.

So gang up with your friends and pose funnily in a photo booth for some random selfies. Or you can give it some thought, decide on a theme, dress accordingly and pose to create some lifelong memories.

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