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Terms and Conditions

The following T&C's applies to all, when using the services of Platinum Snap Booth Hire... Ensure you have read through carefully. 



It is the client’s responsibility to ensure access to a space at the venue large enough to accommodate the booth and attendant. Space required varies between booth hires and is specified below.

Booth attendants must be ensured access to a nearby car park or loading zone with freedom to move back and forth while loading and unloading. If loading up stairs is the only option, Platinum Snap must be notified before the event.

A power point within eight metres of the booth, whereby an extension cable would not be crossing used walkways, is required for the booth to operate. If this is not possible, Platinum Snap must be notified a minimum of one week prior to the event and a solution reached before the day of the event. Any additional requirements, including furniture needs, will be listed below.

Setup & Pack Down

Platinum Snap will arrive within one to two hours prior to the commencement time specified in order to setup the booth. Sessions in the booth will begin once the hire time is reached. If access to the venue is not available at least one hour prior to the start of the event, setup may run into the hire time. Pack down will commence after the hire time has ended and last photos has been called. If in the rare occasion, pack down cannot begin immediately after the hire time ends due to venue constraints, idle time will be charged at $75 per hour.


Two photo strips will be printed immediately after each session in the booth. Guests will be encouraged to go back in for another session before printing extras to ensure a variety of photos for the client.

Any guests who treat the booth or attendants in a violent or abusive manner will be asked to leave and not allowed back for another session. If such a guest continues to harass the attendants, the client or designated venue contact will be approached and asked to deal with said guest.

Down Time

Once set up, the booth will be operational and accessible to guests for a minimum of 95% of the hire time. This allows time to refill the printer and make minor aesthetic adjustments throughout the hire. If the booth is down for any longer than this in any given hour period, a refund of half the hourly rate will be given. Any refunds or damages for down time will be limited to the total amount of rental fees paid.

Platinum Snap is not liable for downtime due to elements out of our control. This includes venue power outage; fire alarms; severe weather; no reasonable access to allocated space for booth; no available space provided; no access to a power outlet within 8 metres unless previously discussed; guests causing damage to the booth, elements of the booth or booth attendants.

Post-Event Photos

Platinum Snap will provide the Hirer a Google Drive link. This link allows you to download the images to your own computer. We will provide all the STRIPS and SINGLE pictures taken throughout your event! We store a copy of the photos and strips for 24 months. If the hirer wishes to have photos placed on a USB, the costs is $15.00


Rescheduled events will only be accommodated if the new date does not conflict with another booked event, and at the discretion of Platinum Snap. Cancellations within one week of the event date are non-refundable and all other cancellations incur a loss of deposit.

Platinum Snap reserves the right to terminate a booking for any reasonable cause, e.g. accident or ill health. In this event all monies paid will be refunded in full.


Copyright of all images will be owned by Platinum Snap. Hosts and all guests have full rights to display photos and prints taken during the event both online and offline. Additional prints and other merchandise can be ordered prior to the event and after the event for a period of up to twelve months. We reserves the right to display images from your event online and/or for promotional purposes.


Platinum Snap have $20 Million Public and Product Liability and can be provided to the venue upon request.

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