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The Platinum Phones

Our Bespoke Audio Guestbooks


Audio Guestbook

With a vintage style, slim-line build and classic GPo Style, our Audio Guestbook's are the perfect addition to your event. Complementing a range of styles and themes, you’ll love showing it off at every event – from weddings and private parties, to corporate launches and Christmas functions. 

When partnered with our Customisable Details, the possibilties are endless... creating a vibe at all functions.
With the ability to leave 8+ hours of voice recordings, Our Audio Guestbook's are able to maintain classiness whilst also out-performing most entertainment! 

Variety of

Our audio guest books are based on the classic GPO phone design - they're absolutely timeless. Available in a range of fun retro colours - Can’t find a colour that suits? Get in touch, and we can whip up a customised phone for your special event.
Personalise your Audio Guestbook with your names on the phone. We’ll match the font and colour to the style of the phone that you have booked.

The Audio Guestbook's are all about customisation. From the greeting message to the way they are shared and the customised that you include with them. Ideal for your guests to leave you a memoreable keepsake from your special event.


How it

☎️How does our Audio Guestbook work?☎️

The recordings are captured using a vintage rotary phone made with built in storage, enough to record 8+ hours of voice recordings.

1. Guest picks up the phone
2. "Ring Ring"
3. "Leave your message at the tone” (customisable)
4. Beep! and whether it's a quick "congratulations you", "happy birthday” or some newlywed advice - your guests can leave their personalized message for you to reminisce on for years to come.

It's so easy that anyone can do it!


We cant wait to hear from you

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